A Promise of Better Days

by Mark David Stallard

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released May 7, 2018

All songs by Mark David Stallard, except Don’t Fly Away co-written with Gavin George.


all rights reserved



Mark David Stallard Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Track Name: A Love Like Yours
A Love Like Yours

Too many times you've been broken down
Your heart scattered like ashes in the air
I won't tell you there is a better place
Not when you're already there

It's great to see you smile
I love the way you look into his eyes
It's great to see you so in love
I hope someday I'll have a love like yours

Yours is the shoulder that comforts all
Supporting me as my world drops away
You pick me up and watch me start again
But now I get to witness your day

I've seen such a change in you
You seized the shadow and cast it to the sun
Always a dream of a perfect life
You took control and now it's begun
Track Name: Don't Fly Away
Don’t Fly Away

I drove along a dusty road
A road to anywhere
I paused to take a breath and look around
When I saw you lying there

And those green towers from where you came
They touched the sky
Prostrate, you lie there silently
I prayed don’t die
And held you close to give you warmth
I told your soul
Don’t fly away

We rode, propelled by unspoken hope
To the haven of my home
Fire burned brightly in the room
To illuminate your bones

Do you remember when you came around
Heart beating loud
And found my hand upon your head
You made no sound
But took some water and some bread
I begged your soul
Don’t fly away

You stayed a day or two
Or was it just a moment
Gazing at the sky longingly
Gave you so much strength

You dusted down and flexed your wings
I laughed so hard
You raised your head and then raised a plea
You grew so fast
Spread your wings and took to the air
I heard myself say
Please don’t you fly away
Track Name: It's Going To Rain
It's Going To Rain

I can see dawn breaking
With the day the clouds close in
And your sun has ceased to shine
But I will hold you up and make you mine
Always be mine

Don't say a word, because it shows
Your eyes tell all I need to know
You're searching for another way
Oh to be cleansed by the refreshing rain
But there's no need for rain

I can take you far away from here
A place where the weather will never change
Come on, trust me and take me hand
And fly away with me
Because it's going to rain

Wash away the grime but it remains
Come with me and everything will change
This accusing truth gives way
To a promise of better days
Much better days

How much brighter the day's become
There it is the evening sun
Do not fear the failing light
I will hold you throughout the night
Hold you every night
Track Name: Thank You
Thank You

There's nowhere in this world
That I'd rather be
I've traveled to the place
That all roads lead
It had to be this way
There's no other way this could be
This could be

I'm so happy to be with you
There's nothing I wouldn't do
There is only one thing left to say
Thank you
Thank you

This is where I want to be
Nowhere but here
I'm not sure how I arrived
My journey's unclear
I've dreamed of this place
This place has always been in my dreams
In my dreams

I now have place to rest
Here in your arms
The storm that brought me here
Has left its calm
I'm staying here with you
With you is where I want to be
Want to be
Track Name: And Then There Was You
And Then There Was You

And then there was you
Greeting me like a long lost friend
Open arms drawing me near

We talked all night
And laughed about so many things
Like we'd known each other years

What can I say, it just feels so right
I want to spend my time with you
Never before has someone felt so right
And then there was you

And then there was us
Showing you off, my newfound love
I have never been so proud

We walked all day
Telling each other our hopes and dreams
Things I'd never said out loud

And then there was we
Barely spending a moment apart
Waking in each others arms

We shared our lives
Gazing at you like the first time we met
You're in my eyes, you're in my heart
Track Name: It's Not Right
It's Not Right

It’s not right for you to wait so long
But you know
That I'll be home soon

I'm making time to get home to you
Because I know
You're waiting too

But you need to know
That I feel the same
I will circle the globe
Just to make the claim
When I hold you tight
Oh, I believe

It's not right when I'm delayed at work
I hope you know
I'd rather be home

I'm rushing back But the traffic resists
'Cos you know
Just how slow it can be

When I'm in your arms I am home
Never want for more
Never in need of anything
Your embrace gives it all
Never want to leave
I have never been so sure

It's not right that our days are so full
And we know
We need time just for us

But I find one hour with you
Revives me
Enough to go on

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